Norway Day

An image of the Norway flag in a Manutan mug.

Over the coming months we will be celebrating the different cultures and countries that make up our company. Having sister companies all over Europe means we have plenty of cultures and traditions to explore!

The first country chosen to explore was Norway, and lots of fun and interesting things were arranged for the day.

The offices were decorated for the occasion, including flags, balloons, and even a colour theme for staff. We were all dressed in red, white, blue or all three to match the Norwegian flag. Speaking of which, we changed our flag outside the building to a Norwegian flag for the day. There was also the option to have a face painting of the Norwegian flag by our talented colleague Jas.

The best bit (of course!) was the selection of food available to staff for lunch. We had a few Norwegian dishes on offer, which was a great way to try new food whilst giving us a sense of Norway’s dishes and culture. The menu consisted of pickled herring, brown cheese, delicious meatballs cooked by our honorary chefs of the day (Julia and Paul), fruit and salmon on rye bread.

Norwegian folk music was played throughout the day in each department, and all in all we had a great time soaking up the atmosphere and getting to know some of our Norwegian colleague’s culture and traditions. Thanks to everyone who helped arrange the day!

We thought it would also be good to send a little something to our fellow Norwegian colleagues, so we had everyone sign a card to send over with a ‘English Hamper’ to say hello!

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