Harlem Shake

Danny Harlem

The Harlem Shake is a new global web phenomenon. It is a mix of choreography and music which has an explosive effect of assembling dance, urban music, with a carnival theme. It went viral in a month on the web. The scenario is simple: a person disguised with a costume or a mask begins to dance to the ‘infrasonic trap’ music rhythm and after is then joined by other people in disguise, resulting in a dancing, musical mess! The clip takes about thirty seconds. Because at Key we always are at the forefront of innovation and having fun at work, we wanted to try this experiment. First step: recruitment. Armed with paper and a pen I started to harass all the people in the company to participate. Despite some refusal, I managed to recruit 13 people some of which are the craziest people in the company- so it’s a good start.

The moment of truth arrives; it is 5:00 on Friday evening. The computers are turned off. The stage is set. Silence falls. The 13 people look like a team of superhero’s with the most eccentric costumes each one more beautiful than the next. IPhone in hand, application running (yes there is an app for that) and the music starts… then the explosion of dancing and jumping around- the bodies seem possessed, nobody cares about anything, and everyone goes crazy for 15 seconds… then back to normal. In conclusion it was a great thing do to, everyone had a laugh and now hopefully you can enjoy it too!

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Article by Chloe, Internship student.


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